Who I am

I am a Southern-California based entrepreneur and former professional athlete. I was born and raised in Newport Beach, California and graduated from Princeton with a degree in history.

What I do

I have cofounded companies in education, media, health care, and age-tech. I find opportunities by tracking trends, engaging with people, understanding markets and assessing needs. I lead a team of experts in technology, marketing, creative design, research, customer relations and business development.

My approach

I believe in disruption - when it helps. There are things that we’ve held onto for far too long, and things that we’ve let go of far too soon. We can always do, see, accomplish or understand things better. Not every disruption is life changing. Sometimes even the small things shatter convention and end up altering the direction of a product, company or industry.


I am inspired by ideas that make people’s lives better and more fulfilling. I look for harmony wherever it’s neglected or missing.


I imagine a future where individuals are empowered with the tools to better unlock their potential and live their best lives. I am working towards that future through the companies that I help create.

Extra details

I spend my free time practicing mixed martial arts, reading philosophy and watching sci-fi films.